• Calvin Soccer Camp

Camp is happening in 2021!

That's right. After modifying our program in 2020, we are back with our day camp and residential camps in 2021. Yes - we are still taking all the precautions necessary to keep our campers safe from COVID-19, but with these precautions, the Calvin Soccer Camp will look more like the camp experiences we have come to expect.

What is different?

This year, we will be testing all incoming campers on the first day of camp with a rapid antigen test. Any camper who tests positive for COVID-19 will not be admitted to camp. Campers who are vaccinated (plus 2-weeks) will be done. Campers who are not yet vaccinated at our Elite camp will be tested every two days to ensure that they remain COVID free.

All Day Camp activities occur outdoors and, according to current CDC guidelines, masking is not required in these environments.

What is the same?

Our 2021 camps will return to full contact soccer activities, access to the resident halls and dining facilities. All the best features of the Calvin Soccer Camp are back with just a few added precautions.

We are excited and encourage interested campers to register early as our spots are filling up fast!

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