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2020 Elite Camp (modified)

Several modifications have been made to our traditional camp format to allow for a high-quality camp experience while focusing on the safety of our campers and our staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campers will be assigned to a Pod of players. This Pod will have no close interactions with any other coaches or campers from other Pods. Each Pod will train and play together throughout the camp session. Players will be screened upon arrival each day and any camper not meeting the screening criteria will not be admitted to camp. 

The camp will not offer residential options this year. The daily camp schedule will resemble the following:

9:00 - 10:00          Training Session Defensive Emphasis


10:15 - 11:15        Training Session Possession/Attack Emphasis


11:30 - 12:30        Small Sided Game Play with Tactical Emphasis


12:30 - 1:15          Lunch


1:30 - 2:30             Training Session Individual Development Emphasis


2:45-4:00               Small Sided Game Play with Competitive Emphasis

A list of Frequently asked questions are available below. Please contact our camp office by email ( or phone (616-805-9303) with any additional questions.


(Boys & Girls ages 12-18)
July 27 - 30

$350 (non-residential)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Under what scenario would camp be cancelled?

A:  At this point, the only thing that would cancel camp would be a directive from the Governor’s office that specifically prohibits outdoor camps or athletic interactions.  We will submit to that unfortunate reality in the unlikely event occurs.


Q. What do I need to do to accept a spot in the new camp program?

A.  Reply to this email and let us know that you would like to be included in the modified Elite Camp session. We will transfer your registration


Q: How will finances be handled?

A:  Camp accounts will be automatically refunded the difference between the amount paid and the cost of the modified Elite Camp session before the beginning of our camp session (for example, if you paid $535 for the Elite Camp, you will receive a refund of $185 back to your original form of payment)



Q: Can you explain pods, again?

A:  All campers will be in specific pods of 12-14 campers.  These will be based on age, ability and potentially to small degree, requests.  Those pods, once set, WILL NOT CHANGE.  Pods will train together, eat together, and play together.  Players will not come into contact with any other field playing pod.  Lunches will be stored in a container of each pod and will not cross contaminate with another pods container.


Q: How will you monitor potential COVID Symptoms?

A: Each day, pod coaches will have a sheet for each camper with a name, pod name, and date.  They will take and record temperature and ask a series of questions to mitigate COVID 19 risk.


Q: Under what scenario would my child be sent home?

A: Campers will be sent home with a temperature above 100.3 degrees F, or an affirmative answer to one of the health screening questions asked upon arrival.  We do not take these lightly.  Any jokes will be taken seriously, and the camper will not be allowed to participate until cleared by a third-party medical professional.


Q: Who will coach my child? 

A: Calvin University Men’s and Women’s Soccer players and area coaches will be members of pods for the week.  They will be responsible for having their own temperatures and checklist monitored daily as well as monitoring those campers within their pods.  Calvin University head coaches Ryan Souders and Emily Ottenhoff will oversee all pods and stop to make coaching points at each pod.  They are committed to social distancing while doing so.


Q: Will my child interact with members of other pods?

A: No.  Each field playing pod will be in their respective pods at all times throughout the week.  Only Goalkeepers will move from their pods to field player pods to play.  We will have a dual arc that keepers cannot come out of and field players cannot go into separated by at least 8 feet.  There will be no corner kicks.


Q: What happens if a player in my pod tests positive for COVID 19?

A: We will individually notify players families OF THAT POD of a positive test and have to send everyone in that pod home to monitor symptoms.  Refunds for sessions not carried out will be provided.


Q: What happens if a player in another pod tests positive for COVID 19?

A: That pod will not move forward with camp, but every other pod will continue as pod social distancing measures will be in place throughout the camp.


Q: Do we get refunded if we miss camp for COVID related absences?

A:  Absolutely. COVID absences will be refunded on a prorated session basis.

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